I’m getting ready to give birth and don’t want to parent; Choosing adoption in Arizona

I’m getting ready to give birth and don’t want to parent; Choosing adoption in Arizona

by Katy Reagan

If you are getting ready to give birth and don’t want to parent, choosing adoption is an option. There are no right answers when it comes to an unplanned pregnancy, but you do have options. This is a scary and uncertain time. You’re overwhelmed and probably feel like you don’t have a lot of control right now. Adoption Choices of Arizona can give you back control. We are a local, licensed private adoption agency.

If you’re not ready to be a parent, choosing adoption might be the choice for you. If you need adoption help, contact us.


8 Benefits of Choosing Adoption in Arizona 


1. You create an adoption plan

The first step is always to contact Adoption Choices of Arizona. You can call or text us using the buttons below. If you’re unsure if you need adoption help or even want to place your child for adoption, we can help. We help sort through your options and get you the resources you need. 

Once you contact Adoption Choices of Arizona, you are assigned an adoption specialist. This is your Birth Parent Counselor who walks you through the entire adoption process. They answer all of your questions and present your options. Together, you work through all the details and put them into a legal document. This is your adoption plan. An adoption plan outlines every decision you make regarding your pregnancy, adoption, and life after. 

2. You choose the adoptive family

You tell us any requirements you have for who adopts your child. You can request your child be raised with your values, similar background, or specific geographic location. We will match families to whatever is important to you. Your Birth Parent Counselor presents you with adoptive family profiles based on your requirements. Through this process, you figure out how you want to raise your child. You find the people who you trust, and we start the adoption process.

3. All of our adoptive families have the resources and suitable environment to raise your child

Whether you want to know your adoptive family or not, you can trust your child is safe. We do thorough background checks on all of our adoptive families. We require medical records and even financial records to make sure they are able to provide them. We conduct home visits to make sure the environment is safe and loving.

4. You choose the level of communication you want to have with the adoptive family and child. 

The type of adoption is based on the level of communication you want with the adoptive family and child. There are three types: open, semi-open, and closed adoption. Open adoption has full communication. You still play a role in your child’s life without having to parent. Semi-open adoption has limited communication through a secure line. This is regulated by adoption agencies in Arizona. No identifying information is shared, but you still get updates on your child. Closed adoptions have no communication, and no identifying information is shared.

5. You create a birth plan

When you choose adoption through Arizona adoption agencies, our professionals help you plan for birth. Along with your doctor and adoption specialist, you decide what hospital you want to be in and how you’ll give birth. You will also decide who gets to be in the delivery room and who holds your baby. Everything is planned out before, so there is no extra stress on you during birth.

6. Your adoption specialist is an advocate for you

At Adoption Choices of Arizona, you and your baby are our top priority. Your adoption specialist will advocate for every decision you make. At the hospital, they will be there to make sure everything goes as planned. 

7. We offer unlimited resources and support

We can provide anything you need to have a healthy pregnancy, mentally and physically. We are not just an adoption agency. We are your partner in this journey. Your Birth Parent Counselor is here to meet any needs you have. We provide emotional, mental, physical, and financial support. 

We can also find safe housing for you if needed. If you are having legal problems, we can connect you with help. We provide unlimited, free counseling during your pregnancy and for as long as you need after birth. We treat you with respect and dignity and ensure you receive the birth mother benefit you need.

8. You are giving your child a chance at a better life

Placing your baby for adoption can lead to the best life possible for you and your child. You are creating the life for your child that you can’t provide right now. Adoption can give both you and your child the lives you deserve. 


How to Start the Arizona Adoption Process

An adoption is always an option, and adoption is possible for you. No matter where you are, Adoption Choices of Arizona is there for you. We help with adoption in Yuma, adoption in Chandler, and anywhere across the state.

If you’re looking for information about private adoption in Arizona or want to know how to place a baby for adoption, call or text Adoption Choices of Arizona


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