Choosing an Adoptive Family

Choosing a Family to Adopt My Baby


Choosing an adoptive family can be one of the most rewarding parts of your adoption plan!

When working with Adoption Choices of Arizona, you will be given several family profiles to review. Every family who works with Adoption Choices to adopt is carefully screened and fully background checked.

In a semi-open or open adoption, the birth mother must consider many variables as she thinks about the type of family that she desires to care for her child. The birth mother may find that she has preferences regarding particular characteristics in potential adoptive parents. Such characteristics may include preferences for particular:

  • Ethnic or cultural backgrounds
  • Religious backgrounds
  • Dynamic of the family (such as single person family or same-sex family)
  • Values
  • Parenting styles
  • Location of family
  • Lifestyles
  • Discipline methods


Birth mothers may also have preferences regarding:

  • Whether extended family is available to help raise the child
  • Whether the adoptive parents have other children already
  • Whether the adoptive parents plan to tell the child he/she is adopted
  • (In an open adoption) how much contact will occur between birth and adoptive parents and how broadly that contact may occur (and/or will it be okay if birth-grandparents see the adopted child?)
  • Whether the adoptive parents or birth mother will name the child
  • How involved the adoptive parents will be in the pregnancy and birth


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Benefits of Choosing a Younger Couple to Adopt Your Child

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Adoption Choices of Arizona will assist birth mothers with all of these crucial decisions as well as facilitate initial meetings with potential adoptive parents. We are here to ease the stress, concerns, and difficulties through the adoption process and will yield compassion, understanding, as well as commitment to everyone in the adoption triad.


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