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From real birth parents and adoptive families, adoption testimonials with Adoption Choices of Arizona. If you need adoption support, contact us now!

They were so awesome the staff helped me and my boyfriend when we were in a really harsh predicament. We were both on the streets. As soon as I called, they got us right into a motel. They helped with food, money in general for laundry, and rides so I could get to work. They were always there when I felt lonely and anxious about my adoption; they supported us all the way with my family being against me. But even in the embarrassing part of giving birth when the adoptive parents were there I had so much help, had so much love. And nearly almost passed out from the loss of blood. Thank you for being amazing, intelligent, and strong, wonderful, woman, almost like Wonderwoman, and so so helpful I thank you again definitely will recommend to other people.

Alicia – Birth Mother

Everyone here is family, Anita goes above and beyond in everything that she does. You will not receive better treatment for you or your baby anywhere else!


Hi, birth mom here. I wanted to share my experiences with Adoption Choices of Arizona because they have been so kind, caring, and have been there for me every step of the way for me during my pregnancy and deserve more attention. When I first came across Adoption Choices of AZ’s web page, I was really impressed at how thorough and informative the website was. I am not much of a big talker on the phone and they had options for texting and even email for reaching out to them. I really appreciate they had those communication options because as a new birth mom deciding to place baby, it is really nerve wracking when first reaching out to an adoption agency especially when you have social anxiety (like myself) and have never been in a situation like this before and don’t know what to expect (while expecting!) I heard back from Adoption Choices of Arizona about 20 to 30 minutes after I sent a request for them to contact me and got a meeting set up to meet an Adoption specialist, Stephanie. I was able to pick the location to meet and my first talk with Stephanie made me feel really confident I was making the right choice. She answered all my questions and concerns, educated me about adoption, and made me feel comfortable enough to explain my situation without feeling judged. Since our first meet up, Stephanie has helped me with so much, I am so thankful for her and Adoption Choices of Arizona, they have helped me get back on my feet and I am in a much better position in life than when I first reached out to Adoption Choices. I can not express this enough, you also must be willing to make changes to your life during this journey if you want things to be better! YES, your social worker and the agency are there to support you and help you but, you must do your part as well in making changes to your life if you want more stability. Like I said in the beginning, Adoption Choices of Arizona (as well as Stephanie) have been AMAZING and you’ll really get a personal experience with Adoption Choices of AZ. They really care for their birth moms and Adoptive Parents, I have not ever met people who are so dedicated and caring. I HIGHLY recommend Adoption Choices of Arizona to all of those deciding if they want to place baby, having Adoption Choices being there for me on my journey has been a wonderful experience and one I won’t forget.


Adoption choices of America is awesome and helps out with all the basic information I needed and was there to assist me every step of the way!


Stephanie my adoption case worker is the best case worker she is attentive to my needs and puts up with my cranky attitude during my pregnancy she rocks!!!!


Stephanie is amazing, my wife and started our adoption journey with her and she has been the greatest help we could of asked for!!! We were living in a shady motel and she got us out of that situation and got us into a very nice apartment! She is always checking up on us making sure we are ok and doing well! She has gone above and beyond to help out!!! Adoption choices of Arizona is amazing! If i could give 10 stars i would! Thank you again Stephanie for everything you have done!!!


As the Executive Director, I can assure each expecting mother that is making an adoption plan that you will receive full service from our staff. YOU are our primary concern and the adoption plan is focused on your needs and what you desire for the future of the baby.


Adoption Choices of Arizona was AWESOME! I was matched up with one of their birth mom’s through Adoption Choices of Texas and I was blessed with this little bundle of joy! The staff was amazing and always willing to answer my questions and talk me through anything I didn’t understand. I also love the way they really look out after their birth mom’s and help them with any problems or issues they may be facing as well. Class act organization and I could not be happier with how things worked out. Thank you Liz and Stephanie!


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