Adoption in Chandler

Adoption in Chandler

If you live in Chandler, AZ or the surrounding area and you are a pregnant woman considering adoption, we are a licensed adoption agency that can help! Being a licensed agency means we can help you with financial assistance, counseling, and more! We have the local adoption resources that you can rely on through your adoption process!

You don’t have to go through an unwanted pregnancy alone. When you find out you’re pregnant or decide that you want to place you baby for adoption, contact us. An adoption specialists will go over all your options: parenting, terminating the pregnancy (if that is still an option), and adoption.

If you are looking for adoption information in Chandler, Arizona or in the Maricopa County region, we can help now.

Adoption Choices of Arizona is a full-service, licensed adoption agencies in Arizona. Unplanned pregnancy helpWe are here to help!

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Open Adoption in Chandler

Open adoption is an option with our full-service adoption agency in Chandler, Arizona. This type of adoption, open adoption, is an option for birth parents to build and maintain a relationship with the adoptive parents and their birth child. In modern adoption, open adoption or semi-open adoption is the most common type of adoption.

The adoptive family and birth parents agree to what kind of communication and how often is okay. It might include phone calls, video calls, letters, and sharing pictures. In some cases, in person visits are also possible.

Open adoption has been proven beneficial to birth parents, adoptive families, and adoptees. Choose an open adoption in Chandler with Adoption Choices of Arizona.

Teen Pregnancy and Choosing Adoption in Chandler

Pregnant teens can choose adoption for their baby. Adoption is always an option, no matter what age you are! When you choose adoption, you can continue pursuing your education or career.

If you are searching, “how does a teenager give up a baby for adoption in Arizona?” then you should know that adoption is not going to be any different just because you are younger. You will follow the same steps that an adult would, and you will be in complete control of your adoption plan from start to finish.

Learn About Adoption

No one knew I was pregnant. My plan was to have the baby and use Safe Haven at the hospital. When the hospital social worker told me CPS was Safe Haven or I could pick my own family through an adoption agency – I did not want my baby in a foster home so I called Adoption Choices. They were in my room in less than an hour, helped me with the paperwork and my discharge. I did this in the best interest of my baby. Sometimes I’m sad… but I know my baby is happy and in a wonderful home.