Placing a Second or Third Baby for Adoption

Placing a Second or Third Baby for Adoption

By Eric Somarriba

When most people imagine why a birth mother would place their child for adoption, they imagine a select few scenarios. Most imagine unmarried women facing an unplanned pregnancy, with it being assumed it’s their first. While certainly common, there are still countless other circumstances where women end up deciding to place their baby for adoption. Specifically, some women may end up placing their second or third child up for adoption. Adoption can already be a difficult decision to come to, and this scenario can make it even more challenging. This is why this article is here: to explain this scenario and to tell you that it’s perfectly okay.

Adoption Choices of Arizona is a private adoption agency with over a decade of experience helping birth mothers. Regardless of your circumstances, our sole goal is the well-being of you and your child. We want to assure you that you can trust us and our adoption process no matter what. No matter if it’s your first adoption or your third, we’ll work to create the foundation of a happy life.

Is it Okay to Place a Second or Third Baby for Adoption?

Yes. The answer to this question is a definite yes. You know better than anyone what’s best for you and your loved ones. Every birth mother has their own specific circumstances that lead them to child adoption. If you find yourself in this scenario, then there’s no shame in doing what’s right.  

What’s unique about this scenario are the potentially very different circumstances that lead to it. Perhaps you’ve already decided to place a baby for adoption before, and you’re pregnant and considering adoption again. Or you may already be raising one or more children and are pregnant and considering adoption for the first time. While they may lead to the same point, each circumstance has different needs and challenges. Below, we’ll go into more detail on each one and explain that it’s okay no matter which situation you’re in.

What if I’ve Placed a Baby for Adoption Before?

Firstly, if you’ve previously placed a child for adoption in Arizona before, there’s nothing stopping you from doing so again. Adoption doesn’t have any once-per-life limitation; it is a resource that is always present whenever you need it. There was never any shame in choosing adoption the first time, and there shouldn’t be any the second time, either. The adoption process isn’t any different either, and having experienced it once before, you already know what to expect. 

Adoption can be a difficult process to go through, and it’s understandable to continue to feel so doing it again. You may have felt a lot of guilt when placing your baby for adoption for the first time. Doing so once again can bring those feelings back, but we want you to know it’s okay. This situation may seem rare, but it’s not as uncommon as you may think. As stated before, you know what’s best for you and your child. You may still not be in a place to properly care for a child, or you still don’t desire motherhood. Your reasons are just as valid even now.

One unique aspect of this is that you can place your baby with the adoptive family of your first child. The potential of this may depend on the exact details of the initial adoption, but it’s a definite option. If you worked with licensed private adoption agencies in Arizona, then it’s more possible, especially with the same adoption agency. Keeping siblings together is usually beneficial for them growing up, but the choice is ultimately yours. If you feel adoption is once again the best route for you, we hope you’ll do so without any discouragement.

What if I Already Have Children and am Considering Adoption?

In contrast, if you’re already a parent but are considering adoption, it’s understandable to worry. You may feel like a bad mother and that you’re abandoning this child, but that isn’t true. You may not have the resources for another child, or you simply feel your family is perfect as is. As always, you know what choice is best for your family, and your feelings are valid. The adoption process won’t be any different, even if you already have children. You can work with the same private adoption agencies in Arizona as anyone else would, and they’ll offer the same support. Just like anyone else, you’ll create an adoption plan and decide on an adoptive family to place your child with.

However, what is a major difference is what your children will say. Depending on their age, they may feel a whirlwind of emotions if they fully understand the implications. We recommend being honest with them, explaining your love for your baby and that it’s for the best. With an open adoption, you and your family can still have contact with the adoptive family and your adopted child. It’s an unfortunate part of this scenario, but ultimately, one you’ll have to face when choosing adoption. If you feel like private adoption in Arizona is best for you and your family, then don’t worry. We and any other agency will help you through this time.

Placing Another Baby for Adoption with Adoption Choices of Arizona

We hope that with this article, you have a better understanding of this scenario and a better idea of what to expect. No matter if it’s your second adoption or you’re placing your third child for adoption, we’re here for you. We don’t treat anyone differently because of their circumstances. We offer the same dedicated support to all birth mothers. No matter your situation, we’ll assist you through every step and help you reach the outcome that is best for you.

If you need pregnancy help or are considering private adoption in Arizona, contact us right away. Adoption Choices of Arizona specializes in helping birth mothers in difficult scenarios find safe locations and secure financial support. Place your trust in us, and we’ll work to create the foundation of a happy life for all involved.