How to Place Baby for Adoption

How to give a baby up for adoption in Arizona


Pregnant? Considering adoption? You are not alone! Many women face unplanned or unwanted pregnancies and we have the best adoption agencies in AZ to help. Below is a tour through the basic steps of the adoption process in Arizona for a pregnant woman considering to place a baby up for adoption.


Before we begin, please know that at any time you may speak directly with an adoption counselor 24/7, confidentially, and with no obligation by calling or texting 480-900-5520 or via our contact form.


We have worked with hundreds of pregnant women in your exact situation and we understand your feelings, fears, and questions during this difficult time. Even though we are an adoption agency and advocate for adoption, we will talk to you honestly about your pregnancy options, ALL your options and will provide you with resources to help you make the best decision for your situation. If that means ultimately parenting, that’s okay!


Giving a baby up for adoption isn’t giving up! You are choosing a life for your child. Rather than “giving up” your baby, you are doing the opposite: you are choosing to place your child into the arms of eternally grateful, loving families that will spend their days appreciating the gift.


And we are here for you every step of the way…


If you do decide to take the next step toward adoption, here’s how the adoption process in Arizona will work – the step by step adoption process:


The Adoption Process with our AZ Adoption Center


adoption agencies in ArizonaSTEP 1 | Contact Adoption Choices of Arizona
Call or text 480-900-5520 (or toll free at 888-422-9912)
We are a licensed adoption agency serving birth parents across Arizona. A professional adoption specialist will be by your side through every step. You are no longer alone!


adoption during COVIDSTEP 2 | Schedule Initial Meeting
An adoption specialist can come to you, call you, text with you, video chat – whatever you feel comfortable with!! We can provide financial support if you need it, counseling support if you need it, and legal and medical support.


adoption paperwork ArizonaSTEP 3 | Complete Paperwork
An adoption specialist will provide you with all the necessary paperwork and walk you through what everything means. We want to make sure you are confident and comfortable through your journey.


pregnancy medical support adoption AZSTEP 4 | Pregnancy Care
If you are in a homeless situation, your adoption specialist will help you with finding housing and transportation, offer financial help with some expenses, and find you the best doctor who is sympathetic to your particular needs and you will receive pre-natal and medical care. Your counselor will discuss your needs and help build an adoption plan that works for you.


choose AZ adoptive familySTEP 5 | Review Family Profiles
You are in charge of nearly every aspect of the adoption, including choosing the adoptive family. Your adoption specialist will bring you carefully screened family profiles to choose from. Don’t feel you have the right family? We’ll get more profiles.


adoption ArizonaSTEP 6 | Congratulations, You’re Matched!
Your adoption specialist will work with you to find exactly the type of family you see your child growing up in.


adoption matching ArizonaSTEP 7 | Family Introduction
Since you’ll choose the type of adoption you want, you can meet the family or not. Your adoption specialist will help you schedule a conference call or meeting with your adoptive family – if you choose an open adoption.


AZ adoption specialistsSTEP 8 | Stay in Touch with Adoption Specialist
Attend doctor’s appointments. Communicate with your adoptive family. And reach out to your adoption specialist; this is a very emotional time for you, you are not alone!


hospital adoption birth plan AZSTEP 9 | Your Due Date!
You are in charge of your hospital and birth plan and your adoption specialist will be present to advocate for you at the hospital.


newborn adoption in ArizonaSTEP 10 | Birth of Child
The baby will leave the hospital with the adoptive family. Your adoption specialist will schedule a date for you to give your final consent.


life after Arizona adoptionSTEP 11 | Post-Placement
You and the adoptive family will agree to post-placement communication which will vary and at a minimum include pictures and letters via a web-based program. Expenses will continue to be paid for 6 weeks after delivery.


Contact Adoption Choices of Arizona now by calling or texting 480-900-5520 or via our contact form.

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