What if I’m pursuing adoption when the father is unknown, uninvolved, or unsupportive?

Depending on the facts of the situation, we may be able to help you place your baby for adoption even without the birth father’s consent. Each adoption situation is unique, and our team will help you determine whether you can move forward with your adoption plan.

Oftentimes, a birth father’s lack of support for an adoption plan is a result of uncertainty and fear. The birth father may simply not understand the adoption process and his rights in that process. Having professionals educate him about how the process works and how he can work with you throughout your adoption journey may alter his opinion.

A few common situations in which Adoption Choices of Arizona can help:

  • Father is unknown – Sometimes, an expectant mother is unsure of who the biological father of her baby is, where he is, or how to reach him. If the father is unknown or you are unable to locate him, our legal team will complete the legal process to terminate his parental rights.
  • Father is uninvolved – If the father is uninvolved in the pregnancy, and has not expressed a desire to be involved in the adoption plan, we will possibly attempt to get his consents before proceeding. If he does not give consent at this time, he has 31 days after the child is born to assert his paternity.
  • Father is unsupportive – If the father is known, yet he is unsupportive of the adoption plan, and would like to parent the child on his own, he must first demonstrate his desire and ability to provide care to the child.

Your situation will determine the best course of action to proceed with your adoption plan. If he is unsupportive of the adoption, your Adoption Specialist will be able to explain to you your rights and the necessary process.

Ultimately, consider the behavior of the father of the baby and how it might play out in the future. If the father of your baby displays a pattern of coming into and going out of your life, is abusive, is in and out of jail, financially strained, or unsupportive of your choices, this behavior may continue upon the baby’s arrival.

Always remember that no one can force you into making a decision that you don’t believe is right; not your parents, friends, nor the father of the baby.

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