The Struggle is part of The Story

The adoption journey is hard. You are fighting battles externally and internally. Paperwork, decisions, emotions… it’s struggling!

Respecting your struggle is all about embracing your struggles rather than ignoring that they exist. Healing begins with acknowledging how you feel and how your circumstances are affecting you. If you are someone who is struggling, your problems do not have the final say. Here are three ways to empower yourself in the midst of your struggles.

Learn to be conscious of what is taking place in your atmosphere. When we dwell on our problems, all we see in the world is our problems. Instead of focusing on what is wrong, be in the moment, be present and allow yourself to soak in what is happening in the here and now. You will find that when you learn to be present, nothing else in that moment matters.

We often find that people do not know how to handle the negative emotions that they feel. We’ve heard stories of people who think something is wrong with them because they can’t stop crying or they wake up feeling sad and emotional. What’s wrong with that? You are human; you were not created to only feel good feelings. It’s okay to have bad days, it’s okay to cry, and it’s okay to have negative or sad emotions. When we experience our bad feelings, we learn to appreciate the moments where we experience joy and happiness. You can’t have the good, without experiencing the bad.

Ignoring your problems can lead to symptoms worsening and it might become more difficult for you to get to a healthier place. Honesty is neither shameful nor prideful, it is empowering, and empowerment first starts with self-empowerment. You have to be accountable for yourself in order to take care of yourself. Practice honesty daily, not only towards others but also towards yourself.

Understand that your struggles don’t define you; they are only here to equip you for your journey.



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