Pregnant? Considering Adoption?

Learn about Your Choices ~ Adoption Choices of Arizona

There is so much information about adoption online, birth parents can feel overwhelmed. Become empowered to make informed decisions. By contacting Adoption Choices of Arizona, you can obtain reliable, step-by-step information about your choices for your child. If you are considering adoption, we will hear your unique situation, answer your questions, and walk you through safe, legal choices.

We are a private licensed adoption agency. We are NOT a state agency involved in the foster care system. We provide services to you and the prospective adoptive parents and the placement is made by you to which your birth child is placed with the family you select. You can choose open adoption, semi-adoption, or closed adoption; you create your adoption plan. This plan will also include prenatal care, counseling, living expense assistance, and hospital wishes and plans.

You maintain your right to raise your baby unless and until your parental rights end when you consent to the adoption according to the applicable Arizona law. If and when you make the adoption placement, your child will be placed directly with the family you select.

Our goal is for you to experience the process feeling that you have an adoption agency who you can depend upon. Our members will assist you every step of the way.

Why Consult Adoption Choices of Arizona?

  • Adoption is one of many options you have and there are many types of adoptions. We are well versed in all of your options and can assist you in making the best decision for you and your child.
  • Working with an expert in adoption will help ensure that your adoption proceeds smoothly.
  • We will provide an unbiased explanation of adoption methods and resources and help you develop a legally secure plan tailored to your needs.
  • We will explain your rights and the adoption laws in your state and explain your options if you locate a family in another state.
  • We will advocate for you throughout the adoption process.
  • We can clarify your options for post-placement arrangements and draft or review an agreement to ensure your best interests and those of the child are served.