Place a Baby for Adoption in Tempe  

Place a Baby for Adoption in Tempe  

Place a Baby for Adoption in Tempe  

By Jordan Smith  

If you are unexpectedly pregnant and considering adoption, knowing how to place a baby for adoption in Arizona will be very informative. Adoption Choices of Arizona is here to provide you with this information so you are fully informed and to help you in your decision-making. 

The steps you’ll take in order to start your adoption journey with us are easy, and you will have guidance and support from one of our birth parent specialists. We will be here for you during the whole adoption process, and do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have. If you come into adoption with an open mind, then you will have an opportunity to have more options with adoptive families and have more clarity in your decisions.  

What are the Steps in Placing a Baby for Adoption in Tempe @ Adoption Choices of Arizona?  

After you have contacted Adoption Choices of Arizona, your birth parent counselor will schedule an initial meeting with you. This is something where your counselor can come to you if necessary. After your initial meeting, you and your counselor will go over and complete all the relevant paperwork to start your adoption process. During this time, you will need to provide proof of pregnancy, and your counselor will also assist you in finding a doctor. 

With the matching process beginning, your counselor will provide you with adoptive family profiles to go over. Do not feel pressured. If you do not see an adoptive family that resonates with you, then Adoption Choices of Arizona will provide more based on your preferences. 

Housing can be provided if needed, and your matching process will be completed at this time. Next will be the initial meeting with the adoptive family of your choosing. Guided by your adoption specialist, she/he will schedule a conference call or even a visit. 

After the baby’s birth, the adoptive family will take him/her home, and a court date will be scheduled for you to give your final consent. Expenses will continue to be paid up to one month after delivery, and you should receive updated pictures of the baby at this time as well. We do offer a goodbye dinner with the adoptive family if you’re comfortable with that. 

Adoption in Tempe

Adoption Choices of Arizona will provide you with the utmost support during your adoption journey, and we will be there for you post-placement. The steps that we have in place are to provide you not with just support but with confidence in your decision. This is a good method to provide you with the confidence that your baby is being placed with a good adoptive family of your choosing. We offer a goodbye dinner with the adoptive family so our birth mothers can see the progress of the baby and the adoptive parent’s adjustment. Doing this can sometimes verify that the birth mother’s decision was a positive one and that the new adjustments of the adoptive family are also positive.