If My Child is Adopted, Do I Still Have to Pay Child Support?

If My Child is Adopted, Do I Still Have to Pay Child Support?

This is a common and completely valid question for many prospective birth parents: Will I be responsible for child support if my child is adopted by new parents?

Adoption is the legal transfer of parental rights and responsibilities from the birth parent(s) to the adoptive parent(s). This means that, whether you are making an adoption plan for your child with a new adoptive family or your child is being adopted by a stepparent, you will not be responsible for future child support payments once your parental rights are terminated.

In the case of a full adoption (like those completed by Adoption Choices of Arizona), both birth parents’ rights are legally terminated and the child is placed for adoption with a new family. Once the birth parents sign their consent to the adoption, they no longer have rights or responsibilities for the child, including the legal obligation to pay child support.

Similarly, you will not be required to make future child support payments in the case of a stepparent adoption, in which you are separated from your child’s other biological parent and that parent’s new partner is adopting the child. However, if you are behind on past child support payments, you will be responsible to pay that outstanding obligation.

Before you stop making existing child support payments, it is important to contact the office that handles child support matters in your state. They can answer your questions about your past and future child support obligations in your individual circumstances.

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