“Giving Up” Your Baby for Adoption to Save Your Marriage

If you are pregnant and divorcing your husband, you likely have a complicated history with him, especially if he is your baby’s father. If he knows about your pregnancy, he may have an opinion about whether or not you should place your child for adoption. He may even use this newfound knowledge to manipulate your divorce proceedings and make promises about the future of your marriage.

Remember, a child should never be used as a manipulative tool in a relationship. What’s best for your child may not be what is best for your relationship. Rather than get caught up in promises your husband may or may not be making, think about what you really want for your child. Do you want to sustain your relationship even if you know your marriage won’t provide a welcoming environment for your unborn child? If your husband wants you to place your baby for adoption (against your wishes) in order to have a “fresh start” for your marriage, is he really the right one for you after all?

Whatever your situation, if your husband knows about your pregnancy, you should consider involving him in your adoption decision. Marriage is difficult, especially marriages on the verge of divorce, and so is your conversation about adoption. For you two, an important part of still being married may be coming together to make the best decision for your baby, even if it ends up being adoption.

If you are feeling coerced into a certain pregnancy decision, remember that you always have the right to make the best choice for your baby. For more information about putting a baby up for adoption while in a divorce process or crisis pregnancy center, please call our adoption specialists TOLL FREE 888-422-9912  or TEXT OR CALL: 1-480-900-5520.