Birthmother Stories Sure to Change The Way You Think

Let’s face it, birthmothers have gotten a bad rap. While adoptive parents are praised for “saving” children, birthmothers are attacked for “giving them up.” But neither story gets it right. Like so many things in life, the reality is a lot more complicated.

All adoptive parents aren’t saints and all birthmothers aren’t sinners. Just as there are many different reasons parents choose to adopt, there are many different reason why birthmothers choose to place. The following stories are sure to flip the bad rap…

1. “My adoption story was born out of the greatest love a mother can ever feel for her child. I loved my son more than anything in this world. I loved him more than I loved myself.” Heidi Russo

Read Heidi’s story here.

2. “Never in a million years did I think that I, of all people, would get pregnant and end up choosing adoption. But I’m so happy I did. It has made me so much stronger and made my outlook on life so much more different!” Ashlee Amraen

Read Amraen’s story here.

3. “You have just done one of the most courageous acts ever, be proud of that.  Use the strength you have earned to go forward and be a positive influence to others and the world around you. ” Jenny Treanor.

Read Jenny’s story here.

4. “Choosing life for my daughter and giving her the family she has is the single thing in my life that I am most proud of.” Crystal Rae.

Read Crystal’s story here.

5. “I do not think anyone can ‘get it’ unless they are a birthmom. There is no other experience that can compare.” Vicki

Read Vicki’s story here.

6.  “This is the greatest accomplishment I have done, ever. It’s a beautiful experience, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it for anything in the world!” Elizabeth

Read Elizabeth’s story here.

7. “These people are raising your child — you can’t be afraid to be honest with them, and vice versa.” Renee

Read Renee’s story here.

8. “Being a birthmom does not define me, but it is part of me that I’m proud of.” Leah Outten

Read Leah’s story here.

9. “Adoption is the hardest thing you will probably ever do in your life. You feel like your heart is being ripped out. But if you are doing it for all the right reasons your life will be truly blessed forever.” Laura Gladden

Read Laura’s story here.

10. “People need to understand most birthmoms are not drug-crazed prostitutes looking to sell their kids. By sharing my story, and encouraging others to do the same, I hope people see adoption can be a beautiful thing.” Jessalynn Bills Speight

Read Jessalynn’s story here.



10 Birthmother Stories Guaranteed To Change The Way You Look At Birthmothers