Birth Parents Meet Adoptive Parents

One of the most important steps in Adoption Choices of Arizona adoption journey is when the Birth Parents and Adoptive Parents meet the first time. This first meeting takes place in the birth parents’ city, usually over a weekend or several consecutive days. The agenda is based on the birth parent’s wants and desires. You will get to know each other over dinner, exchanging information and decide whether or not to maintain communication. This gives the group an opportunity to spend some quality time together now and decide how much or little to spend together later.

Meeting for the first time creates a lot of anxiety for everyone and can be awkward. Staff at Adoption Choices of Arizona will be available through the entire meeting and also be involved as little or as much as the birth parents want.

Will they like me? What should we talk about? What shouldn’t we talk about? What should I wear?  Don’t worry, we will help you will help you answer all those questions! We are confident that within the first  30 minutes of meeting, you will be comfortable and glad you had the opportunity to meet them in person. The time you spend together results in a better hospital experience for everyone and stronger relationship overall.

If you are about to meet each other for the first time, take a deep breath, look at how far you’ve come and check out these recommended questions and tips:

Questions to help you have a successful first meeting:

1.) What do you like to do in your spare time?

2.) Do you have any hobbies or special interests?

3.) What are some of your favorite foods? Movies? Activities? TV shows? Sports teams?

4.) Is there anything you would like to know that we haven’t talked about?

5.) Talk, but more importantly, LISTEN.

6.) Talk about your own families and upbringings.

7.) Discuss how you plan to include each other in life after the placement.

8.) Try not to be judgmental and don’t discuss medical history (on the first visit).

                    “Be Curious, Not Judgmental.”

You might be nervous, but remember you chose each other.

If you have any questions, we are here to help you through your journey! Please contact us at any time.