Birth Mother Benefits

What can you expect as a birth mother?

For a birth mother considering adoption, it is crucial to have support during and after the pregnancy. There are things you should know and expect when it comes to placing your child for adoption. It is your child, your choice, and ultimately, your decision to choose adoption.

Here are some of your birth mother benefits and expenses you should know about if you’re a birth mother considering adoption.
Birth Mother Options

Pregnancy can be a strain on you both physically and financially. Adoption Choices of Arizona can assist you with financial support and proper nutrition, including Food Stamps, WIC, and ongoing grocery expenses. As a birth mother, placing your child for adoption, you are ultimately in charge of the adoption plan. By making choices that feel right to you, you can make a difficult situation better. Remember, you are not giving up a baby, you are choosing the best adoption plan.

As a birth mother, your options include:

  • Choose the family who will adopt your child: as a birth mother choosing adoption, you will receive several options of potential families who want to adopt your child. You may also meet the family you choose to make sure you feel comfortable with them.
  • Choose from an open, semi-open, or closed adoption plan depending on your preference on post adoption contact agreement.
  • Choose to receive updates, photos, and correspond even after the pregnancy with the adoptive parents.
  • Receive support and assistance from an attorney specializing in adoption law and from a caseworker or social worker who will support you emotionally during and after the adoption process.
  • Receive financial assistance to pay for your living expenses.
  • Lifetime counseling and support.

Living Expenses:
Your birth mother benefits also include FREE financial benefits at no cost to you at all.

Housing: Not having adequate housing or a safe place to sleep can lead to unnecessary stress and discomfort during your pregnancy.

  •   Money to pay your rent, utilities, and other household living expenses
  •   Mobile phone and service
  • Transportation

Medical: Access to prenatal care should be one of your biggest concerns. And being personally comfortable.

  • Medical care for yourself and your baby
  • Maternity clothing

Support: Both educationally, emotionally, and mentally.

  • Assistance from an attorney specializing in adoption law
  • Lifetime adoption support
  • Confidential advice from a caseworker who will help you every step of the way.

Call us day or night if you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and want to talk through your options.  Contact us at 1-888-422-9912 or text us at 480-900-5520 to discuss your options and decide if adoption is the right choice for you and your child. You are not giving up your baby, but choosing the best future for you and your child.

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