Adoption Choices of Arizona is able to Work with ICWA Cases

Adoption Choices of Arizona is able to Work with ICWA Cases

By: Nicole Cunningham

Do you know what the ICWA is about? Have you ever heard of it before? ICWA is known as the Indian Child Welfare Act. This act is an important legislation that could affect your adoption process through the Adoption Choices of Arizona. The act was put in place to help keep Native American families together and protect their loss of heritage. This can seem like it is taking away from choosing who would adopt your baby. This law was put in place to help support and protect Native Americans’ best interests. And try to keep their tribes together. If you have any questions about this act, our adoption agencies in Arizona at Adoption Choices of Arizona can handle your AZ ICWA Cases

Indian Child Welfare Act and How it Affects You 

What is important about the Indian Child Welfare Act? When a child is up for adoption through Adoption Choices of Arizona, the act gives priority to Native American individuals. These are individuals that belong to the same tribe as the birth parents or grandparents of that child. This act helps keep the continuation of Native American history and heritage that have diminished over time. The Indian Child Welfare Act was put into legislation to try to protect, support, and help Native American families.

This means that anyone with the same Native American heritage will be prioritized over other adoptive families. They would still have to go through the adoption process and become approved by the agency. Then they would be approved by you, the birth mother. They still have to go through a home study approval process. Once they have completed all the steps through the agency to become approved, they will need to be approved by you. After that they would get priority over other adoptive families. 

Adoption Choices of Arizona’s Licensed Professionals 

Adoption Choices of Arizona is a licensed adoption agency that specializes in handling ICWA cases. They are experts in what they do; they know how to navigate these kinds of cases and know the legislation inside and out. They will be able to assist you with any questions that you may have regarding the legislation. And how it affects your baby in the adoption process. While navigating the ICWA regulations, our top priority is you, the birth mother, and the adoption plan that you choose. There are regulations that we must adhere to, but that doesn’t put your choices on the back burner. We will be here to cater to your Native American heritage. Then decide the adoption plan you want to go through with if you decide to place your  baby for adoption

We want to make sure that you are taken care of and all of your needs are met as well. While the ICWA can affect your adoption plan, our professionals will be able to tell you exactly what you need to do. They will be able to create a plan for you that will make you, the birth mother, happy and content. You are our main priority, and our professionals will do everything they can to provide you with a plan. We will figure out which one will meet all of your needs. The act can cause you some stress, but we are here to help relieve that stress and explain everything. We want to help you understand exactly the steps that will take place in your adoption plan.

Does ICWA Affect My Adoption Plan?

The Indian Child Welfare Act can seem daunting if you are a Native American birth mother who wants to put your child up for adoption. Don’t let the ICWA keep you from adoption. Our job is to respect your cultural, emotional, and legal aspects associated with placing your baby for adoption within the framework of ICWA. We will do everything that we can for you to keep the adoption plan that you want to pursue. The adoption plan will have to stay within ICWA guildlines. The ICWA wants to keep families together and not hurt the Native American heritage. The idea is to let families be able to have first priority over the child and keep them within the tribes. This is to keep the best interests of the tribes. Ultimately, families want to stick together if they can and this law allows them to do so. 

What Your Adoption Process Could Look Like

The ICWA is in place to make sure that adoption can stay within local tribes and support your Native American heritage. Your adoption caseworker will explain what local programs are available and how Arizona works with local Native American tribes. If you want to proceed with the adoption, we’ll help you find a qualified expert witness to help terminate parental rights.

We then work with local tribes and the public agency assigned to your case to determine which family will adopt your child. If there is an extended family member or tribal foster care system, they will take precedence. Otherwise, another Native American family will be found to care for the child. The rest of the adoption process is the same as it is for any other adoption once the right adoptive family is found. Adoption agencies in Arizona can help make sure that you do have the right family to adopt your child within the laws of ICWA.  

Need Help With Your AZ Adoption Plan and Searching for AZ ICWA Case Support?

Do you have an unplanned pregnancy or need pregnancy help? Do you want more information about the adoption process? We want to help you with your adoption plan if you decide to go through with adoption. Our professionals would like to make sure that you are going through one of our licensed specialists to help you. We can answer any questions you may have regarding ICWA and how it could affect your journey. Please feel free to contact us here at Adoption Choices of Arizona or adoption agencies near me