This is Adoption Happily Ever After

By Claudia Corrigan Darcy: I was 18 when I became pregnant in 1987 and 19 when I relinquished. Out of high school, but struggling with college and life. Dysfunction, but not insanely horrible middle class, blue collar upbringing in suburbia. Living a rather unhealthy lifestyle, making poor choices, but I had good intentions, just a lot of inexperience and a too positive outlook tempered by questionable self esteem. A relationship I shouldn’t have been in produced the pregnancy and there would be no wedding, but just a blue eyed boy with a shock of black hair nine months later. My reasons to place my child for adoption still stand today as “acceptable”: too young, not ready, uncompleted education, unmarried.

My agency was progressive, welcoming, ever so kind. Adoption was in the middle of re-marketing itself from the shame filled enterprise of the BSE to what we know of it today. Nineteen eighty-seven was right in the middle of the crossover years, like a bad marriage- something old, something new.