Adoption Agencies in Arizona Providing Open Adoption

Adoption Agencies in Arizona Providing Open Adoption

By Amber Godin

Are you wanting to know more about placing your baby for adoption? Do you want to learn more about how to be actively involved in the adoption process in Arizona? If you had a baby or an unexpected pregnancy, then Adoption Choices of Arizona is here to assist you. Our adoption agencies in Arizona providing open adoption are here to help you face this unplanned pregnancy. 

When You are Not Ready to Parent But Still Want a Relationship with Your Child

Open adoption involves creating an agreement with adoptive parents that outlines the nature of the relationship between the adoptive family, the adoptee, and the birth family. This agreement specifies the level of contact, frequency, and visitation between the parties involved.

Unlike semi-open or closed adoption, there is an exchange of personal information, and it is contract-based by law in Arizona. 

Varying in degrees of openness that may change throughout post-adoption at any point in life. However, the benefit of open adoption is maintaining the ability to contact or be contacted by your child.

Open Adoption is an option at our adoption agencies in Arizona. We work with you throughout the process to ensure everyone involved is satisfied with the outcome. We provide our private adoption Arizona services at no expense to you as the birth mother. When you choose adoption, AZ will be connected to specialists who are ready to answer your questions. Our specialists will always help you with any concerns or challenges related to your unique situation. We will go the extra mile to ensure your needs, be it financial, mental/emotional, or medical, are fulfilled.

You ae in Charge of the Adoption Process

When you choose to place your baby up for adoption, you are paired with an adoption specialist. These types of specialists are specific for guiding you through the process of putting a baby up for adoption.

One of the most important steps is selecting birth parent candidates based on profile matching according to preferences. This is part of the process in which the adoption specialist advocates for you. We will ensure you find a good fit for your baby by browsing couples who are interested in adopting. We won’t stop until you find suitable adoptive parents. After this step, we will get you in touch with the adoptive family in the form of a conference call. This step allows you to learn about one another, gaining knowledge and confidence you are making the best decision. This will lead to scheduling a court date to complete your decision for the adoptive parents to gain custody.

Adoption Agencies Near Me

When you search for adoption agencies near me, you will find our agency and be able to fill out a form to initiate communication with our private agents. It could be anywhere, such as adoption in Phoenix, AZ, or elsewhere in the state. You will just need to provide proof of pregnancy if you are still pregnant and considering placing your baby for adoption. 

We will provide to you, at no cost, resources such as a doctor and even shelter if needed while pregnant. Any and all expenses are covered even after one month post-birth by our agency. We help you get back on your feet by being an advocate for your well-being. In the adoption process, you may find yourself becoming confident with making these big decisions. 

What about the Birth Father?

The ones that make a positive impact on the lives of those involved. This can involve the birth father if they are willing to help you put the baby up for adoption. There is no child support expected for putting a baby up for adoption from the father. The birth mother does not need the birth father’s consent, particularly if they are unsupportive, unknown, or uninvolved. If you are in a relationship with the birth father, you sign a consent to adopt 72 hours post-birth.

Adoption Openness

You can both then decide the degree of communication and presence in the child’s life with the adoptive family. Under the guidance of legal counsel, both birth parents will be considered. If there are any differences or requests in the adoption plan between birth parents, this can be addressed. We specialize in private adoption services where everyone involved in the baby’s adoption plan is mediated and supported.

The Adoption Process is Straightforward and Accessible at Adoption Choices of Arizona

Active involvement in the adoption process is about letting you decide and maintaining contact with all involved. Open adoption may be right for you, a birth mother who still wants involvement in their child’s life. Get in touch with one of our agencies in Arizona today, and we will develop a personalized adoption plan. This can be done by the birth mother separately or including the birth father. Everyone involved in the baby’s birth and life is considered, from both birth parents, the baby, and the adoptive family. Get in touch with one of our agencies in Arizona, Adoption Choices of Arizona. If you decide you want open adoption or just want to learn about adoption to make an informed decision, we are ready to assist you right now.