Place Baby for Adoption in Chandler AZ

Place Baby for Adoption in Chandler

place baby for adoption in ChandlerAre you a pregnant woman seeking information for adoption in Chandler? Adoption Choices of Arizona is a local private adoption agency in Arizona. We have been helping women since 2011. Choosing adoption takes work. Our adoption counselors can help a birth mother navigate the adoption process. Understanding adoption requirements and how to make an adoption plan may help alleviate some of the stress.

Placing your baby for adoption may seem intimidating or frightening. When you have adoption help, you are not walking the journey alone. Having someone by your side may bring comfort to a birth mother. Imagine a new and wonderful life for your unborn baby! Adoption can be an experience filled with positivity and love.

At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we will always treat you with respect and dignity and ensure you receive the birth mother benefits you need.


Steps for placing your baby for adoption in Chandler

Finding out you are pregnant can feel overwhelming. Possibly it is an unplanned pregnancy. Or a teenage pregnancy. Circumstances surrounding the pregnancy may also cause pain or grief. The first step will be to contact our private adoption agency, Adoption Choices of Arizona.

We are the best adoption agency in Arizona. One of our professional adoption counselors will meet with you to discuss your options for pregnancy in Arizona. We will take you through the steps of the adoption process. Real support is here to answer all your questions and any questions you may forget to ask. 

Once you understand the adoption process, the birth mother will select the adoptive family. Our agency will give you several family profiles to inspect. We can help you list the qualities and characteristics you desire in the adoptive family. Every family working with Adoption Choices of Arizona is thoroughly background-checked and meticulously screened.


What does the adoption professional help with?

Your counselor will take you through the process of creating an adoption plan. One choice with an adoption plan is that the birth mom decides the level of openness in the adoption. These three levels are open adoption, semi-open adoption, or closed adoption.

An open adoption will have the greatest amount of contact with the adoptive family and the child. Somewhat like an open adoption, a semi-open adoption usually includes being on a first-name basis with the adoptive family. Together, you might agree to receive yearly updates on the child for the first eighteen years. There is flexibility in both of these types of adoptions. The birth mother will decide all the details and agree with the family prior to finalizing the adoption.

A closed adoption is when there is no contact or the exchange of names. The only information shared is the medical and emotional history of the birth mother. 


Choosing Adoption in Chandler Hospital

If you have chosen a hospital birth, you will be able to see the baby as often as you wish while in the hospital. We will be with you the entire time. The baby will leave with the adoptive parents. Even knowing you are making the best decision, a birth mother may be left with lingering feelings of grief and doubt.

Adoption Choices of Arizona has post-placement support. Our loving counselors will be with you and ensure you have a healthy recovery. Someone will be available for you at this time. You will never be alone. 

If you are a pregnant woman and looking for adoption help in Arizona, our private adoption agency is available 24/7. Whether the adoption information you seek is in Chandler or elsewhere in AZ, we have several locations across the state – Phoenix, Tempe, Tucson, Mesa, and Gilbert.


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No one knew I was pregnant. My plan was to have the baby and use Safe Haven at the hospital. When the hospital social worker told me CPS was Safe Haven or I could pick my own family through an adoption agency – I did not want my baby in a foster home so I called Adoption Choices. They were in my room in less than an hour, helped me with the paperwork and my discharge. I did this in the best interest of my baby. Sometimes I’m sad… but I know my baby is happy and in a wonderful home.