Choosing Adoption at 30, 35, and over 40

Unplanned Pregnancy at 30, 35, 40, and over 40

You are a woman in her mid-30s, mid-40s, shocked and surprised to learn you are expecting a baby. It’s not something you planned, and you may not feel prepared to raise a child at this point in your life. Suddenly, a familiar idea pops up in your mind: Can I put my baby up for adoption even if I’m older? Yes, mature moms can choose adoption. There is so much insight into why older women, including women in their 30s and in their 40s, choose adoption. 

At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we help birth moms of all ages feel welcome to join the adoption community. It’s not an easy choice, but a valuable choice if you don’t want to face termination of pregnancy nor parenting. In reality, you may have birth mother fears seeking adoption in your mid-30s or 40s. Once you begin your adoption journey, we will help you overcome misconceptions about older women choosing adoption.

Why do Women in Their Mid-30’s and 40’s Choose Adoption?

Older Women Embrace New Paths in Social Lives and Careers

career woman pregnancy adoptionSome pregnant women in their mid-30s or 40’s and pregnant women over 35 are ready to explore larger social lives. Some of them are college graduates in their mid-careers or starting new careers. Older women also feel ready to be engaged in a relationship. Pressure triggers older women to hurry and be in a relationship to start a family. 

However, it does not mean older women are all ready to raise a child just yet. Moreover, pregnant women over 40 may also choose adoption if they face an unexpected pregnancy. In addition, women in this age group feel unprepared to start parenting and make drastic changes.

Choosing adoption is a better way to submit your parental rights to a dedicated and loving adoptive family than abandoning your child. It’s normal to reconsider parenting if you don’t have the support you need to raise a child. However, by placing your baby up for adoption, you are still part of your child’s love and growth.

Birth Mothers in their Mid-30s or 40s Pursuing Adoption Face Financial Hardships 

i can't afford another baby adoption ArizonaAdoption is a suitable choice if a birth mother is not financially stable or unable to provide for her child. The adoptive family will provide for your child’s medical needs, clothes, food, and other necessities. In addition, a social worker will conduct a home study on the adoptive family. The home study investigates the adoptive family’s background and finances to ensure your child will be well taken care of. 

Choosing adoption in Arizona with one of our licensed adoption agencies will offer financial assistance for birth mothers. We can financially support and help you pay for monthly expenses like food, transportation, housing, and medical expenses. 

Pregnant Women in their Mid-30s or 40s May Experience Homelessness 

Housing is a major factor in getting through your adoption journey. Birth mothers at any age can go through a financial crisis and cannot find a home. All birth mothers need a safe, comfortable, and warm place to stay. Adoption Choices of Arizona will assist you in searching for a place to stay during your adoption journey. Contact our adoption professionals to inquire about housing options you may qualify for. It’s a matter of health and safety for you and your baby.

Older Women May Experience Lack of Support from the Birth Father 

birth father support adoption ArizonaWhether you are single or married, the absence of a birth father’s support can be burdensome. It can cause stress and anxiety, which can affect your pregnancy. However, this is a situation you don’t need to face. You are in control of your adoption plan and don’t need permission from the birth father. If you are married and he isn’t in favor of your decision, consult your adoption specialist about your rights to finalize an adoption.

If you wish to locate the birth father, your adoption specialist can try to locate him. If not, you can still proceed with your decisions in the adoption process.

How an Adoption Plan can Help Older Women Pursue Adoption in Arizona 

If you are a birth mother in your mid-30s or 40s pursuing adoption in Arizona, you are right on time! We at Adoption Choices of Arizona connect the bridges to make adoption flexible for older women choosing adoption. As a leading licensed private adoption agency, we have the resources to assess your needs. Older birth mothers face different situations and unforeseen circumstances that determine the services in the adoption process. You can rely on our adoption professionals to get the best service or lead you to the right place. 

Our adoption options are designed to serve a world of diverse birth mothers. Birth mothers in their mid-30s or 40s are experienced many challenging phases. This is why choosing adoption in Arizona can set an example of intellectual and caring birth mothers in our adoption community. In our pursuit to safely place newborns with their prospective adoptive families, we are building families together.

Benefits of Choosing Adoption in Arizona

benefits of choosing adoption ArizonaWe know how difficult it is for a birth mother to face an unplanned pregnancy at any age. That’s why we want you to know choosing adoption will ease your birth delivery and help you get your life back on track. Keep in mind that the purpose of your adoption journey isn’t to rush through your decisions. It’s a process to relax your mind and thinking about how you want to solve any problems affecting your pregnancy. Your answers may come to reality once you reach our adoption agencies in Arizona. Before we jump to making any contacts or taking any actions, let’s learn about the benefits you’ll be settling in for.

So, why do older moms choose to give a baby up for adoption in Arizona? With the innumerable positive outcomes and benefits, you will not want to turn back. Choosing adoption in Arizona will help you make your pregnancy less painful and stressful with the following benefits:

  • Pre and post-adoption support services, such as Post-Placement Support 
  • High level of support, contact, and availability with our adoption professionals 
  • Free counseling support during and after adoption 
  • Protection of your rights through a court or an attorney
  • Assistance with choosing a reliable and suitable adoptive family that will fit your child’s needs
  • Financial assistance supports your monthly expenses and necessities for housing, transportation, utilities, maternity clothing, medical needs, food, and education.
  • Assistance searching for a safe, healthy, and comfortable home
  • Adoption placement services for college and career-oriented women
  • Home study services conduct background checks on the adoptive family to ensure your child is placed in a healthy environment 

It’s up to you to decide the services you need to help you get through your adoption journey. We will not judge your decisions in customizing an adoption plan that works for you. So now, let’s open the box and get familiar with the steps you need to create an adoption plan.

Steps to Create an Adoption Plan for Older Women in Arizona 

As an older woman putting your child up for adoption takes some time to think through. It’s a difficult decision for a woman at any age. Adoption Choices of Arizona is a resourceful and professional adoption agency that treats all birth mothers with empathy and compassion. We want you to know that our doors are open when you need to find a way out. However, our mission is not complete until we guide you in the right direction. 

Contact Our Adoption Agencies in Arizona

At the beginning of your adoption journey, you may not know everything you need until you ask the right questions. You can search for adoption agencies near me and contact your nearest adoption center. Our adoption agencies have offices throughout the state of Arizona.

After you reach one of our offices, you will be connected to an adoption specialist.

What to Discuss with Your Adoption Specialist 

adoption specialist ArizonaWhen you meet with your adoption specialist, don’t hesitate to be honest and open about what your needs are. Your adoption specialist will let you know what services are available to assist you with placing your baby up for adoption.

This is a great opportunity to decide which hospital you think is best to facilitate your birth delivery. Think about who you want to be present with during your labor. You can choose to have the adoptive family, friends, relatives, or the birth father present on your labor date. There are medical issues or concerns that you can address with a doctor at the hospital of your choice. For instance, you can inquire about any pain management treatments or medication you can take after childbirth.

In the meantime, you can ask about other services you can apply for. For instance, you can apply for cash assistance for pregnant women, including food, housing, transportation, medical, and utilities. You can also be referred to our counseling support services to manage emotions affecting your mental and physical health. Lastly, you can inquire about any help you need with educational costs or maternity expenses.

Choose Between an Open-adoption, Semi-adoption, or Closed-adoption 

This is an essential part of the adoption process. After the adoption is finalized, you can establish a relationship with the adoptive family. Open adoption will allow you to have the largest contact with the adoptive family. You can arrange family visits, send letters or photos, and communicate through social media, video chats, and phone calls. However, if you want a more secure type of communication where some of your identity is kept private, you choose a semi-adoption. 

With a semi-adoption, you don’t need to share personal information like your address or phone number. Instead, you can communicate with the adoptive family through an adoption agency or third party. A closed adoption is the best type of adoption if you do not want to communicate with your child or adoptive family. Take your time to consider the pros and cons of each type of adoption before making your final decision.

Adoption Choices are Available for More Older Women!

Although you become more independent as you get older in life, things happen. Remember, life is full of surprises, even if you try your best to avoid life-changing conflicts. That’s why we recommend you also have a backup plan in case a similar situation arises in the future. For example, setting your child up for adoption in your 40s entails similar options. However, there may be differences in your financial needs or support seeking adoption in your mid-30s. 

Don’t be afraid to get back to basics on how to give a baby up for adoption. Adoption journeys don’t always flow on the same path. Every mother’s situation is unique due to differences in social support, living situations, and financial hardships, especially within certain age groups. Reach out to our adoption agencies in Arizona, and we will help you create and manage a flexible adoption plan.

We can help place your baby for adoption and build on our support within the adoption community. To begin your adoption journey, birth parents can visit us at Adoption Choices of Arizona or call or text us at 1-480-900-5520. If you are a prospective adoptive family hoping to adopt a baby, please instead visit us here!


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