Birth Parent Handbook

A Letter from Adoption Choices of Arizona

Dear Expectant Parent,

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for choosing Adoption Choices of Arizona and placing your trust in us for your potential adoption journey. Unplanned pregnancies can present tough decisions for many women, and considering adoption may not initially come to mind due to limited awareness. Yet, once equipped with comprehensive information about adoption, many find it to be a positive solution to challenging circumstances. We urge you to explore and understand the potential advantages of adoption for both you and your child before making a decision. Our dedicated support is here to guide you through this option because we genuinely prioritize your well-being and that of your child. Please know, you're in a safe space where compassion and care pave the way forward.

At Adoption Choices of Arizona, our team empathizes with the emotional weight, stress, and uncertainty that often accompany an unplanned pregnancy. We recognize that this moment, whether you're still exploring choices or have already chosen adoption, can be filled with numerous concerns and questions about the process.

We're dedicated to helping you with comprehensive information to assist you with a well-informed decision. If you choose to move forward with adoption, your caseworker will work closely with you to create an individualized adoption plan that fulfills your specific requirements. This includes ensuring that the criteria you request for a prospective adoptive family are met.

For instance, you can actively participate in the process by selecting and meeting the potential adoptive family for your child. Furthermore, you have the option to receive periodic updates through photos, videos, phone calls, emails, and text messages. Additionally, if you want, you can arrange in-person meetings with both the adoptive family and your child following the placement. Your preferences guide this personalized process, ensuring that it satisfies your wishes every step of the way.

We offer complete support throughout your journey, at no cost to you. During your pregnancy through delivery and after, you will have a caseworker by your side, providing care and guidance. Moreover, our team includes your own attorney who will explain your parental rights and clarify the relinquishment process.

Upon selecting and being matched with an adoptive family, we extend further assistance by helping with court-approved pregnancy-related living expenses. These include essential needs like rent, maternity clothing, transportation, utilities, food, and phone. Our commitment is to ease any financial concerns, allowing you to focus on your well-being and the experience ahead.

Processing your thoughts around adoption can be complicated, especially with the initial worry about it feeling like "abandonment" of your baby. But as you delve deeper into understanding adoption, a different picture emerges. Adoption isn't about abandonment; it's about making the best choice for your child's future. It's about ensuring they find a loving family and are given a life filled with opportunities that might be challenging for you to provide at this moment. Essentially, it shows the depth of your care as a mother, seeking the very best for your child.

At Adoption Choices of Arizona, your sense of control of the process is essential. Creating an adoption plan that fulfills your desires and preferences is our priority. Picture this: you hold the reins. You have the power to select the family for your baby, armed with comprehensive insights into their background, motivation, interests, relationship, and the nurturing environment they offer.

But here is what sets our agency apart: the control remains in your hands. Before and after your baby's arrival, the level of interaction with the family is entirely up to you. Whether you want an in-depth connection, a single meeting, or no meeting at all, it is your call.

Throughout this journey, we're not just a support system; we're your companions. Our guidance and unwavering support are constants, right by your side. Your adoption journey will be filled with our encouragement and assistance every step of the way.

We're thrilled at the chance to work together with you and be an incredible support throughout this remarkable journey toward adoption!

Adoption Language

Expectant Parent(s):
Prior to the baby’s birth, we use the term "expectant parent". Sometimes there are two expectant parents: an expectant mom and an expectant dad. But in the majority of adoptions, only the expectant mother is involved. Therefore, in most of the material and information we provide here, we will refer to the expectant mother or the birth mother rather than two expectant parents or birth parents.

Birth Parent(s):
A birth parent is a parent who has placed a child for adoption. Before the baby is born, people we sometimes use the term "expectant parent" or the term "birth parent" interchangeably. Birth parent, birth mother, and birth father are frequently used terms.

Prospective Adoptive Parent(s):
An individual or family who hopes to adopt, but has not finalized the adoption yet. Adoptive Parent(s): An individual or couple who has finalized the adoption. Sometimes, the term "adoptive parent" is used when talking about a prospective adoptive parent.

Place a Baby for Adoption:
This is an important term that is used instead of "put up for adoption" or "give up the baby". When a birth mother places her child for adoption, she has made a deliberate decision for her child's future, after receiving many hours of counseling. She hasn't "given up."

Adoption Plan:
An adoption plan is a personalized approach created by expectant parents, often with our guidance, to move forward with their unique vision of adoption. This plan includes various aspects, such as selecting a family, receiving emotional counseling and support from a dedicated caseworker, outlining a birth plan for the hospital, defining the desired level of contact with the adoptive family, identifying necessary financial support, and addressing other essential elements crucial to the adoption process.

Match with a Family:
A match is established when expectant parents choose a family to adopt their child. Alternatively, the agency may facilitate a match by selecting a family on behalf of the expectant parent(s).

Open, Semi-Open and Closed Adoptions

At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we're committed to empowering your adoption journey by honoring your preferences in partnership with the prospective adoptive parents. Our focus is on helping you make well-informed decisions that resonate with your personal feelings and values. We're here to guide you through all available options, ensuring you have the information you need.

For those considering an open adoption, we strive to match you with families who share your desired level of openness. It's essential to recognize that each adoption plan is unique—no two are alike. Some expectant mothers may initially prefer openness before placement but later opt for privacy afterward. In Arizona, post-adoption contact can be legally enforced through a Post Adoption Contact Agreement (PACA) if that aligns with your wishes.

To provide an overview, below are general guidelines outlining the various types of adoption options available.

Open Adoption:
Open adoption is a popular choice among expectant mothers, offering the opportunity to establish a connection with the adoptive family and maintain an ongoing relationship. Through open adoption, the expectant mother actively selects the family and often begins building a relationship with them before the birth of the baby. Typically, a face-to-face (“match”) meeting occurs within two weeks after the family is selected.

As the connection develops, the expectant mother and prospective adoptive parents might decide to exchange direct contact information, such as phone numbers and emails. After delivery, the birth mother may opt to spend time with the adoptive family and the baby at the hospital, based on her comfort level. Subsequently, she may choose to maintain direct contact through phone calls, texts, emails, and/or in-person visits at her discretion.

Many open adoptions involve annual visits, encouraging ongoing connections between the birth mother, adoptive family, and the child.

Semi-Open {Semi-Private) Adoption:
This represents another accepted option. In this scenario, the prospective mother has the ability to select the family and establish a relationship with them prior to the delivery. Following the placement of the baby, communication usually occurs through the exchange of photos and updates. Typically, personal visits or direct contact are not part of this arrangement. Adoption Choices of Arizona facilitates this process through ChildConnect, an accessible and secure platform designed for the confidential exchange of pictures, updates, videos, etc. between the birth mother and the adoptive parents.

Closed Adoption:
Adoption practices have evolved significantly, with a shift away from this option. However, for some expectant mothers, it is their desire to assign the selection of a family to the agency. Once a family is chosen, the expectant mother often opts not to engage or develop a relationship with the selected family. Typically, after placement, there is no exchange of updates, photos, videos, or direct contact between the birth mother and the adoptive family. Our aim is to honor and uphold your preferences and desires throughout this entire process.

Alternatives and Options

Becoming a parent is a profound experience, but it's also a journey filled with significant responsibilities. It's important to carefully assess various factors before starting on this path. Are you financially equipped to provide for the needs of a child? How might parenthood influence your future ambitions and goals? Do you have a strong support network of friends, family, or a partner who can offer the necessary assistance?

These are just a few of the critical considerations we'll explore together to help you determine the best path forward. Our goal is to empower you with the information needed to make an informed decision about whether adoption aligns with your life and ambitions. If you find that it does, we're dedicated to offering guidance and resources as you navigate the next steps.

The adoption journey is an incredible path, filled with both hope and emotional challenges. Luckily, today's advancements in adoption practices offer a wide range of options. We are here to help you create your unique adoption plan and link you with families that meet your criteria. This guarantees that the family seeking to adopt your baby shares your dreams. Whether you decide to select the family and meet them before delivery, or not, the choice is entirely yours.

Friends and Family:
Whether it be close friends or members of your own family, there might be individuals who are willing to take on the responsibility of parenting your child or providing short-term care until you are able to do so.

Foster Care:
Choosing to temporarily place your child under the care of Child Protective Services provides a vital opportunity to focus on necessary steps toward creating a stable environment for both you and your child. During this period, you can concentrate on securing employment, establishing financial stability, finding housing, and ensuring the means to afford essentials like diapers and childcare.

Regaining custody of your child involves meeting specific state requirements, which often include attending parenting classes and demonstrating your ability to create a safe and nurturing environment for them. This process is designed to support and assist you on your journey to provide the best care for your child.

If your pregnancy was unexpected, it's completely normal to initially feel overwhelmed and unsure about your next steps. Navigating such a critical decision can indeed be overwhelming, especially when unexpected circumstances arise. However, take comfort in the fact that you have the power to regain control and we are here to offer support and empathy. By carefully examining your choices and considering your true emotions, you will hopefully find a resolution that brings you peace. Trust your instincts and prioritize what aligns with your own aspirations and the future you envision for yourself and your baby.

What if I'm not sure? What if I can't decide?
When faced with uncertainty about who can provide care for your child or how to move forward, remember that it's okay to feel unsure at first. In these moments, acknowledging your emotions and seeking support are crucial steps toward considering your options. Whether it's close friends, family members, or professionals, there are resources available to offer guidance and understanding.

While the situation may seem overwhelming, trust in your instincts and consider what lines up best with the future you envision for both yourself and your child. This process of reflection and decision-making may take time, but by prioritizing your well-being and aspirations, you'll ultimately discover a resolution that brings you peace. Remember, you are not alone, and there is support available to help you through this journey, no matter which option you choose.

About Adoption Choices of Arizona

Who We Are:
Adoption Choices of Arizona holds a license in good standing, issued by the State of Arizona. This enables us to offer comprehensive, professional adoption services throughout the state. Recognizing the unique circumstances of each individual, we tailor our support accordingly.

To Expectant Parents:
Our dedicated team is committed to assisting you in creating a personalized adoption plan that aligns with your specific requirements and situation.

Our Locations:
Our team of compassionate adoption professionals operates throughout Arizona, offering dedicated services to both birth parents and adoptive families. We operate statewide with 3 locations across AZ:

Adoption Choices of Arizona
2516 E University Dr #208
Phoenix, AZ 85034
Call: 480-900-5520
Text: 602-922-0408

333 N Wilmot Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85711

508 N Humphreys St.
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

About Your Caseworker

Your Caseworker is always here to provide unwavering support to you throughout your entire adoption journey.

Here are the some of the valuable services your Caseworker will offer:
- Your Caseworker will be available for scheduled appointments.
- She will accompany you to your medical appointments, providing both transportation and companionship.
- Assistance will be provided with applications for health insurance, if you do not already have coverage.
- Emotional support will be offered before, during, and after the birth of your baby, as long as you request it.
- If your adoption plan involves an open or semi-open relationship with the adoptive family, your Caseworker will facilitate and cultivate this connection.
- Ensuring your safety and stability during your pregnancy will be prioritized. You will also be assisted with your pregnancy-related living expenses.
- You can contact the birth parent hotline 24/7 or text 720-371-1099.

It is important to recognize the boundaries of your Caseworker's role:
- While your Caseworker possesses considerable knowledge and expertise in adoption, it's important to note that they may not be able to meet every conceivable need. To ensure your requirements are addressed effectively, it's important to communicate your needs in advance. This proactive approach allows time for identifying and securing the most suitable resources for you.
- Your Caseworker is not a licensed attorney and cannot provide you with legal advice, but you will be offered an opportunity to have your legal questions addressed by an attorney.
- Your Caseworker does not have the authority to provide financial assistance. The evaluation and approval of your financial situation. It's crucial to have a comprehensive discussion about your financial support plan to ensure your needs are identified and met.
- We recognize the significant stress and emotional impact that this process can bring. Your Caseworker is dedicated to providing support throughout. Having open conversations about your emotions with them enables us to provide understanding and compassion as we navigate this journey with you.

Our Services

Our intake services are conducted by qualified Caseworkers who are compassionate, understanding, and ready to help create your unique and individualized adoption plan.

Taking care of yourself during pregnancy is the most important thing you can do for the your baby. We can help you obtain quality medical care to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Our assistance to you includes the dedicated support of our Case Manager, specifically assigned to you. They will expertly navigate and help you through our comprehensive array of adoption services, cooperating closely with our specialized adoption team. Together, they ensure a personalized approach, making sure that your needs are fully met.

Following your match, we will assist with court-approved pregnancy-related living expenses to support your financial needs.

If you find yourself in an environment that feels unsafe or unstable, we are here to support you by arranging a secure and comfortable living space for both you and your baby during your pregnancy and for a month following the birth.

Our compassionate counselors are dedicated to listening and guiding you through this journey. Reach out today to begin receiving the support you deserve, and gain an understanding about your options. Our counseling services extend from the pregnancy phase to the adoption placement, and beyond, ensuring ongoing assistance and care customized to your needs.

Adoption Choices of Arizona will arrange legal services so that all of your questions can be answered directly by an attorney, during an in-person meeting.

Our Adoption Team is equipped with the expertise to assist you throughout the placement paperwork process following the birth. Moreover, we remain committed to providing ongoing post-placement support even after the finalization, ensuring a continued and compassionate journey for you and your child.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Choose Adoption Choices of Arizona?
The decision to choose adoption presents a positive alternative when experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Often, women facing a crisis pregnancy might not explore all available options. With adoption, you have the freedom to tailor a plan that aligns precisely with your wishes and preferences. It's a deeply personalized choice, allowing you to create it according to what feels best for you.

2. Who will help me understand this decision and deal with the loss of my child?
Choosing adoption is a weighty decision that's rarely easy when attempted alone. It's a complex and often emotionally challenging choice. Nonetheless, in a supportive and positive environment, there are avenues to alleviate some of the associated difficulties. Our agency is committed to offering free counseling services to assist you through this process. Our experienced Caseworkers, with years of experience, are dedicated to walking alongside you every step of the way.

3. Can I choose the adoptive family of my child?
You have the opportunity to choose the parent(s) who will adopt your baby. Each family creates a detailed profile, almost like a personalized scrapbook, offering insights into their lives. These profiles are a treasure, filled with vibrant photos showcasing their family dynamics, memorable vacations, their home, daily routines, extended family, and much more. Our aim is for you to feel truly confident and positive about the family your choose for your baby. Should you have further questions about a particular family, your Caseworker will readily provide additional information on the prospective adoptive parent(s). Your comfort and peace of mind in this journey are our priority.

4. How do I know the adoptive family can provide a safe environment in which to raise my child?
All of our prospective adoptive parent(s) go through intensive background checks.Social workers meet them in their homes to interview them. The couples are required to provide a State Bureau of Investigation report, FBI fingerprint report, sex offender registry report and a child abuse clearance report. Prospective parent(s) must provide birth certificates, a copy of their marriage license, physician reports, proof of employment, etc. We screen the adoptive families intensively to make sure each family would provide a safe, loving and welcoming home to any child in their care.

Adoption Choices of Arizona strictly vets our prospective adoptive parents through a comprehensive process called the home study. Our social workers conduct in-depth home interviews to understand each family's environment. Along with these interviews, prospective parents must submit essential documents such as CBI and FBI fingerprint reports, and clearance reports from sex offender registries and child abuse databases. In addition to these reports, we ask for vital documents like birth certificates, marriage licenses, physician reports, and proof of employment. This comprehensive screening process is designed to ensure that every adoptive family we approve can offer a secure, nurturing, and embracing home for any child under their care.

5. Will I be able to meet the adoptive family in person?
Absolutely, you have complete control over the level of involvement you'd like to have with the adoptive family. If you're open to it, they can meet you before your baby is born. Throughout the pregnancy, you can connect with them in person, through phone calls, texting, and emails, in order to share updates about your health and prenatal visits. This allows you to build a rapport and get to know each other better before the birth of your child.

Should you wish, the adoptive family can even accompany you to the prenatal appointments, provided it works for everyone involved. However, if a closed adoption is your preference, where there is no contact with the adoptive family, that option is also available. We want you to feel completely at ease with your adoption plan, so we will present you with various levels of openness. Your comfort and preferences are our priority throughout this process.

6. Can I make an adoption plan without the birth father’s consent?
If the birth father will not give his consent to the adoption, or if you are unable to locate him, the attorney for the agency will attempt to terminate his rights according to state law. For more information on your specific situation, please call the agency at 800-681-4673.

7. Will I be able to receive help with transportation if I need it?
Our Caseworkers offer wide-ranging support, ensuring you reach your prenatal appointments and access necessary prescriptions hassle-free. Should you require additional assistance, whether it's trips to the grocery store, commuting to work, or any other essential errands, our team is ready to arrange transportation for you. Your well-being is paramount to us, and we're committed to ensuring you stay healthy and well cared for. Additionally, we can assist in acquiring a transportation pass if you prefer that option.

8. How do I pay for the medical costs incurred by the pregnancy and birth?
Choosing adoption and the services provided to you will be at no expense to you. We are committed to assisting you in covering medical expenses and navigating insurance coverage, making sure you receive the necessary support without any financial obligations.

9. Can I have contact with my baby while I am in the hospital?
Your Caseworker will be there to support you through this decision-making process. You are encouraged to visit your baby as frequently or as infrequently as you'd like during your stay at the hospital. For many, these moments spent together can provide beautiful, cherished memories that will remain close to your heart.

10. When will the adoptive family take the baby home?
During labor, the adoptive family typically accompanies you at the hospital, and if preferred, they can be present in the delivery room. For out of state adoptions, to ensure their presence, the agency recommends their arrival in your state a day or two before your estimated due date. Should the delivery occur earlier than expected, they are prepared to swiftly travel from their hometown to be by your side.

Upon the baby's discharge from the hospital, the adoptive family will care for the infant at their hotel. Within a timeframe of five to ten days, once the necessary approvals are obtained, they will be permitted to leave the state and bring the baby home. For in-state adoptions, upon the baby’s discharge, the adoptive family will bring the baby home directly from the hospital.

11. Is transitional care ever involved?
In extreme cases, when the adoptive family is unable to arrive before the baby is discharged from the hospital, the baby will be placed in transitional care. The families who care for the infants for this short period of time are licensed and screened as intensively as an adoptive family.

12. How do I give my consent?
Adoption processes vary by state, with distinct laws governing birth parent consent. To better understand the consent procedures required by your state, please reach out to us at 480-900-5520. Our team will connect you with a knowledgeable attorney in your area or a representative from our office. They will provide comprehensive information, addressing your questions and guiding you through how your state's laws apply to your unique case.

13. Will I have to find my own attorney for the consent?
We will cover the costs of providing an attorney for you to review the relinquishment documents and discuss your legal rights. However, any additional legal representation for other matters beyond the adoption plan will not be included.

14. Will the agency help me with living expenses?
Living expense laws vary by state, impacting the financial support available to expectant parents. Nonetheless, in many states, there are provisions for assistance during pregnancy and post-birth recovery. To understand the specific aid and legality of our covering these costs in your state, feel free to contact our staff or attorney at 480-900-5520.

15. Will I be able to know about my child’s health and well-being after his/her their birth?
Maintaining ongoing contact is absolutely available to you as a birth mother. You have the option to regularly exchange texts, emails, and photos with the adoptive family if you so desire. You and the adoptive parents will agree on future interaction through a Post Adoption Contact Agreement (PACA). Our agency facilitates the exchange of updates, photos, videos, etc. between parties through a secure online service, ChildConnect.

Arizona Adoption Laws

In Arizona, we have Expedited Relinquishment Procedures for children placed for adoption under one (1) year of age. In this process, the birth mother receives relinquishment counseling before and/or after birth of the child. Birth parents may sign pre-birth an Affidavit of Relinquishment Counseling upon receiving this state mandated counseling which reviews all the rights of a parent placing for adoption. Furthermore, you are required to sign a Petition for Relinquishment of parental rights, which allows for the termination of your parental rights. Furthermore, you are required to sign a Petition for Relinquishment of parental rights, which allows for the termination of your parental rights. This Petition can be signed after the birth.

Legal Counsel:
At Adoption Choices of Arizona, we prioritize the well-being of birth parents by offering legal counsel at no charge. Before signing any relinquishment documents, we facilitate a meeting with an independent adoption attorney to ensure that you understand your legal rights. They will thoroughly explain all of the legal paperwork, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Birth Fathers (Not all fathers are the same):
Legal Biological Father a/k/a Presumed Father:
The legal status of fatherhood in Arizona is established in various ways. If a man is married to you at the time of conception or birth, or if a Judge signs an order recognizing him as the legal father, he assumes that role. When a child is born to a married couple, the law typically presumes the husband to be the child's father. In Arizona, the biological father has the opportunity to sign a legal consent form, undergo required relinquishment counseling, or provide consent or denial after the child's birth, just like the mother. This acknowledges his parental rights and responsibilities in line with the law.

Legal Father but not Biological Father:
While not the biological father, if you have not finalized a divorce from him, there are steps he can take after the birth. He has the option to sign a Consent or Denial of Paternity using a Confession & Waiver of Rights document. Additionally, he can participate in Relinquishment Counseling and sign the Petition for Relinquishment.

Alleged or Putative Father:
In legal terms, an unmarried potential biological father who hasn't acknowledged paternity of a child in court is referred to as the putative father. If the identity of the putative father is known, the adoption agency or a legal representative can serve an Expedited Relinquishment Notice Form and an Expedited Reply Form, both prepared by the agency's legal counsel. The Reply Form allows the putative father to either consent to the adoption or contest it by checking the respective box provided. Clear instructions on how to return these forms to the agency are included. For further guidance on this process, individuals are encouraged to consult Adoption Choices of Arizona and seek advice from their own independent legal counsel. Cases involving Adoption Choices of Arizona are typically filed in Clear Creek County District Court within the State of Arizona.

Next Legal Steps:
If there is an unknown birth father, you will be required to attend a termination hearing in front of before a Judge or Magistrate. Your presence is necessary for this hearing but you can attend either virtually or in-person. During this the hearing, the agency attorney, and your attorney, will ask you certain questions regarding the unknown birth father. Some questions include, but are not limited to; any known first name, last name, physical address, email address, phone number, acquaintances, work place, how you met, where you met, last communication, etc. After a legal notice published in the newspaper for Unknown Birth Father’s, the Judge can terminates all rights of any potential birth father(s). Furthermore, even though the child is currently residing with the adoptive parents, the Judge will sign an order granting Adoption Choices of Arizona’s legal custody of the child, who will remain in the adoptive parent’s physical custody until finalization of the adoption (usually in the seventh month after the birth).

Subsequently, after the child has spent an amount of time in the adoptive parents' home, the adoptive parents adoption hearing will take place. Prior to this hearing, all post-placement visits must be finalized, and the Agency must provide consent for the adoption.

After a six-month period of time, the adoption hearing will take place in court. Prior to this hearing, the completion of all post-placement visits with the adoptive parents is required, along with obtaining the Agency's consent for the adoption to proceed.

Birth Parent Relinquishment Counseling:
You will be provided a caseworker who will walk alongside you throughout the decision making process of adoption. Your caseworker will listen to you, help you set goals, and provide options counseling to you while you are making an adoption plan for your child. Relinquishing your rights is a legal process by which an expectant parent severs all parental ties and allows another party, the adoptive parents, to take full custody of your child. Throughout this period, our caseworkers are here to support you.Here is an example of what the Affidavit of Relinquishment Counseling looks like. You will complete this document with your Caseworker and our Child Placement Supervisor.

The following is an example of what the Affidavit of Relinquishment Counseling looks like. You will complete this document with your Caseworker and our Child Placement Supervisor.

Community Resources

Emergency Services: Call 911

Children/Parenting/Pregnancy Services:
- Adoption Services: | 602-396-5205
- Strong Families AZ Helpline: 602-345-0471
- Safe Haven:
- Child Support Services:

Food Assistance:
- AZ Health Zone:
- SNAP: | 855-777-8590 or 602-771-1337
- Arizona Food Bank Network: | 602-528-3434
- WIC Services: | 1-800-252-5942

Domestic Violence Assistance:
- 24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233
- Support for Victims of Domestic Violence:
- Arizona Child Abuse Hotline: 1-888-SOS-CHILD (1-888-767-2445)
- Prevent Child Abuse Arizona: | 928-445-5038

Medical Assistance:
- Arizona Statewide Crisis Hotline: 1-844-534-HOPE (4673)
- Medicaid:

- 2-1-1 Housing Support: | 877-211-8661
- Arizona Rental Assistance Program: | 1-833-912-0878
- Home Energy Assistance Program: | 1-866 494-1981
- Short Term Crisis Services:

Grievance Procedure

You have the right to file a grievance or appeal a decision at any time. Adoption Choices of Arizona is committed to treating all clients fairly and with the dignity and respect they deserve.

- To file a grievance or appeal, please submit a written grievance to your Caseworker. They will respond in writing within three (3) business days.
- If the matter remains unresolved, your Caseworker will escalate your grievance to the Agency's Executive Director within one (1) business day. The Executive Director will then provide a written response to you within three (3) business days.
- If the issue persists, the Executive Director will forward the grievance to the Agency's CEO within one (1) business day. The CEO will respond in writing to you within three (3) business days.
- If a resolution cannot be reached, you have the option to take your grievance to the Licensing Representative assigned to Adoption Choices of Arizona.

Any alleged violations of licensing requirements can be reported to the Arizona Department of Child Safety at 602-255-2500.

Relinquishment Counseling Affidavit

Check boxes to acknowledge that you have completed the relinquishment counseling from Adoption Choices of Arizona as required in C.R.S. § 19-5-103(1) and (2) and as required in C.R.S. § 7.710.57(H). The content of such counseling has included, but not been limited to, the following: (Birth Parent to Check Each Item)(Required)

Expectant Parent Handbook Receipt of Information

I have read and gone over the Expectant Parent Handbook with my Caseworker. I have a copy that I can keep and refer to, and should I have any questions, I can reach out to my Caseworker at any time.

Date information was reviewed and a copy given to Expectant Parent:
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Check Box to Acknowledge:(Required)