Adoption in Yuma

Adoption in Yuma

Placing a baby for adoption in Yuma, Arizona is an option for a woman facing an  unplanned pregnancy and she does not want to parent.

An unplanned pregnancy is scary. Adoption is a brave option. Placing a baby for adoption is not giving up despite this negative language that you likely find in your Google search. Choosing an adoptive family and creating an adoption plan with Adoption Choices adoption agencies in Arizona is possible. We have worked with women in similar circumstances from Yuma all across Arizona.


How to Place a Baby for Adoption in Yuma

There are 5 steps in choosing adoption in Yuma:

  1. Making an adoption decision
  2. Creating an adoption plan
  3. Choosing an adoptive family
  4. Preparing for placement
  5. Adjusting to life after adoption.

The adoption process can be smooth and comfortable with the right adoption professional, like Adoption Choices of Arizona. Placing a newborn for adoption in Yuma is an option for any woman or couple considering adoption.


Yuma Adoption Process Explained

Adoption Choices of Arizona is here to help a woman considering, “I want to give my baby up for adoption in Yuma”.

  1. Making an adoption decision – you have 3 options: parent, terminate, or place baby for adoption. Each take a high level of thought and consideration. We will talk you through each of your options and help discover what is best for you and your child.
  2. Creating an adoption plan – when you choose adoption, you are in control of the adoption plan. Choose the level of openness, choose the adoptive family, communication, create a birth plan, and receive the assistance and support you deserve.
  3. Choosing an adoptive family – we will give you family profiles to review and you choose the family that you want to place your child for adoption with. You can meet the family and continue communication through the pregnancy and after birth.
  4. Preparing for placement – this will include assistance with our agency as well as counseling and support. Your adoption plan and preparing for placement will be unique to your situation and your needs.
  5. Adjusting to life after adoption – support and counseling will always be available for you.

If the Department of Child Protective Services (DCS or DCPS) is involved in your life, private adoption (where you choose the adoptive parents), is still an option for you. Do not hesitate to call. There is only a small window of time that you have to make an adoption plan and the baby can be released from the hospital directly to the adoptive family.

We will come to your hospital room or wherever you want to meet and walk you through the process of making a life long plan for your baby.

No one knew I was pregnant. My plan was to have the baby and use Safe Haven at the hospital. When the hospital social worker told me CPS was Safe Haven or I could pick my own family through an adoption agency – I did not want my baby in a foster home so I called Adoption Choices. They were in my room in less than an hour, helped me with the paperwork and my discharge. I did this in the best interest of my baby. Sometimes I’m sad… but I know my baby is happy and in a wonderful home.


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